What if….

What if God created a vast and perfect universe, filled with beauty unimaginable, created to last forever, filled with every kind of creature, flying, crawling, running, swimming, all in harmony, none harming the other, co-existing together having no fear because as yet there was no reason to fear.
What if God created two people, also designed to live forever with Him, in this unimaginably perfect place.

Walking with God, talking to God, loving God and each other.
Imagine: perfect peace, perfect harmony, perfect union.

No death, no destruction, no violence, no worry, no tears, no sadness.

And what if those two people decided that perfection wasn’t good enough, and that it wasn’t fair for God to withhold even one thing from them; so they did the one thing God had told them not to do…. the only thing He had told them not to do.

They thought they knew better than God, they thought God was misleading them, they thought wrong.

In an instant, everything they had ever known, gone forever. But wait……..

What if God loved them enough to come back to a ruined and sin cursed earth, willing to offer up His own life as a ransom to buy us back.
What if, with one decision we could decide to have paradise restored forever.

He did, and we can!

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