I am thankful today; thankful for belief, such a simple word and yet it makes the difference for all eternity. I am thinking today of what a miracle it is that we come to belief at all, with so many forces around us telling us not to believe in what we can’t see, and yet we do. And yet it is not belief alone, for as the Bible tells us, the demons believe too, and tremble. It is the life-changing belief that makes us put it all on the line for Christ; the belief that leads to repentance and changed ways. Turning from one way of living to another, like Jesus so patiently explained to Nicodemus late at night.
Each day we have so much to rejoice in as believers. The Bible says that this path of belief is narrow, and there are few that find it. I am honored to be part of that few. Sometimes it seems as if the whole world is going against it, people want what sounds good to them, and that is not the way of Christ. The way of Christ goes against our very nature, so the fact that we find Him at all is only because of the Holy Spirit making Himself known to us. Something in us has listened, responded, and we have recognized our maker. The great mystery is why me? That question alone should bring me to my knees each and every day, in gratitude and humility asking, “What can I do to get closer to You?”

The answer is always in His word, our compass and guide. Help me Lord to never stop asking what I can do for You. Help me to love You more, and in loving You more, love people more. And finally, make me a blessing to those around me. Sometimes I forget that in order to truly love You, we must love people. I confess I can lose myself in a stack of books and forget there is world outside my window; but I thank you God that you are the great “changer” of human nature. You have taken my old nature, and replaced it with Your nature. Help me to look more and more like Your Son. And help me not hide my faith under a bushel, but shine it out for all to see like a lighthouse on a foggy shore.

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