Brooklyn Tabernacle Video

It is a blessed day, as I drove to work this morning I was listening to the Brooklyn Tab in my car and the sun was just coming over the Superstitions, (one of the few good things about going to work so early.) As I listened to their music I was once again lifted to the Heavens. I included one of their videos on the blog today. (Above) Keep in mind when you listen/watch Carol Cymbala directing that choir, that she has had no formal musical training, she can’t read music, and yet she has written many songs that have rocketed to the top of the charts and are sung in many churches today. They have perfomed at Madision Square garden and many other places all over the world. Many of the singers and musicians were homeless, living on the streets of New York, many addicted to drugs and alcohol, were illiterate, and many were very successful but on their own collision course of destruction. One a famous hairstylist for many years, one a top model. But they all had one thing in common, they desperately needed the love of Christ. When they sing, their tears flow freely because they remember where they were before. It is apparent they sing not for any worldly glory or success but for God alone. They are a living testament to what God can do in all of our lives if we only let Him. Lori

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