On Christmas trees and such…..

Christmas 2011 011

I walk around flipping switches and lights blaze from every corner. But when I flip that switch and they come on? I smile, because I think of the light of Christ that shines brightly in my heart. Because the truth is, sometimes you just need a little bit extra light to dispel the darkness. When I see those lights, inside and out I remember that no matter what else is going on, the light of Christ always outshines the darkness.


Oh, I have heard all the arguments line by line, telling me how Pagan it is, how there is no basis in Scripture for this celebration, after all, the ancient church didn’t celebrate it. They have tried to shame me into unplugging. But so far, it hasn’t worked. And, yes, the light of Christ is already blazing forth in my heart. I shouldn’t need this extra, and really need doesn’t have anything to do with it. I am still unmoved by all the arguments against it. Personally, I believe that Jesus nailed all that other stuff to the cross along with Himself.

It all goes back to intent of the heart. I say, if you are persuaded that it really is wrong, then not to do so is right. Your conscience is clear and you are doing what you believe God wants you to do then God bless you for it. But if you want to celebrate it, means go buy another tree and another string of lights and blaze on and God bless you for that. God looks at the intent of our hearts my friends.

And His blood and His grace covers us all.

As I go around this house this morning, I smile when I see the lights. I know what they are for and who they represent. I know my Savior and He’s in the world today. Lights or no lights.

Meanwhile today, we have an appointment scheduled that will determine when and where Elaine’s Mom will get placed. It is time, and it was the hardest phone call she ever had to make.

And there is a Christmas trip waiting in the wings of doubt……to go or not to go? I think of how Elaine put up lights outside yesterday when it was the last thing on God’s green earth she felt like doing. She felt the cloud of today’s appointment over her head, looming. And yet she put lights up, and the Nativity……and we laughed because every year we scratch our heads because we have to stop and think how the interlocking pieces fit together. And in the end, she was glad she did it.

And in life, just like Christmas, no matter what ever else is going on….that light keeps on shining in the darkness, and the darkness can do nothing but flee.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

6 thoughts on “On Christmas trees and such…..

  1. I love this post, and I agree, Lori. I don’t see this as false or idol worship. I decorate my home with flags for various American holiday, pumpkins and sweet little scarecrows during the fall season, hang pretty heart cutouts for Valentine’s Day. When I come downstairs very early in the AM (the dog and I are always the first to rise long before the sun makes an appearance on the horizon) during the Christmas season, I turn on the lights on our tree, stand back and smile. There is a hushed reverence and a deep joy for me, observing the twinkling white lights (yeah, I’m a white lights gal) and viewing the manger scene in its prominent place beneath the tree.

    Thanks for sharing this, Lori.

    May God bless you, Elaine and her mom.

  2. I love Christmas! How do you feel about all the gift giving? I would love the Christmas season even more if there were no gifts involved. Too stressful. We love decorating the house.

    • LeaAnn….I don’t but very many gifts, I have released myself from the pressure of that. I do buy them, and I have fun with it. But my list of who I buy for is very small 🙂 One thing I have been doing for the past few years is buy a goat through World Vision. It is amazing how just goat can support a family. This year I started getting involved in something called Pure Charity, where you can pick a project and donate and also some of your online purchases will contribe also. Pretty neat. Thank you for commenting!

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